#Save517: Call Renner Architects at 414-273-6637


We now encourage members of our community to reach out directly to Renner Architects to share your opinions.  

Call, fax, write or email! Share your point of view.  Explain why this is important to you!  We encourage communicating with respect and courtesy.  For your convenience, letter templates are provided below.

Renner  Architects, LLC
643 East Erie Street, Unit 601
Milwaukee, WI 53012
Phone: 414-273-6637 or 800-331-6637

Fax: 414-273-6638



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/27/17: "Oconomowoc Mayor: Proposed condo development has uphill climb"

Oconomowoc Enterprise 10/19/17: "Oconomowoc's mayor hopes Renner Architects scraps its idea..." 

CBS News 10/4/17:  

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/2/17:


The home at  517 N. Lake Road is slated for demolition to be replaced by 12 condos and a single family home.  Our goal is to prevent this demolition.

This iconic home, built in 1837, was the first residence in Oconomowoc.  Its historic significance, architectural beauty, and ample grounds are an asset to our community.  Boaters on both Fowler Lake and Lac La Belle, as well as residents who enjoy walking along the isthmus, customarily enjoy its stately presence.  

The demolition is planned by a developer from outside our community, Peter Renner of Renner Architects, who intends to erect 12 condominiums in this space and a single family home on the adjacent lot.

To prevent this, we need to act quickly with a united voice.  
#Save517 is a grass-roots campaign launched by Oconomowoc residents eager to protect the historic and beautiful buildings that give Oconomowoc its unique character.


Our campaign has resulted in an estimated 500+ letters to city officials and  600+ petition signatures in a few short weeks.  Our message has successfully reached the city officials in Oconomowoc.  

It is imperative that we maintain the excellent energy of our campaign until the issue is resolved. 


  1. WRITE, CALL, EMAIL, OR FAX Renner Archcitects.  Share  your opinions; explain why this project is important to you and what you would like to see accomplished.  
  2. TELL your family and friends to share their opinions with Renner Architects.  
  3. WRITE to your city officials using either traditional mail or email (see below, or go to 
  4. EMAIL your opinion to  We will collect and deliver what we receive. 
  5. TWEET using #Save517 to raise awareness.
  6. LIKE us on Facebook.

Oconomowoc City Officials

David Nold, Mayor

Architectural Commission

The Architectural Commission is established to "promote compatible development, to foster the attractiveness of the community as a place to live and work and to preserve the character and quality of the built environment by maintaining the integrity of those areas which have a discernible character or are of a special significance." 

(From 9/26/2017)

Members: Jeremy Flint, Kent Johnson, Anne Nelezen, Kurt Schrang, Paul Schultz

Traditional Mail: Letters can be addressed to each member individually and mailed or dropped off at City Hall (there is a drop box on the St. Paul side of the building.)  

Email: Letters may also be addressed to each member individually and emailed to Christine Dehnert, the Deputy Clerk, at 

Plan Commission

The function of the Plan Commission is "to review all development proposals in the city."

( 9/26/2017)

Letters to Renner Architects

Here are some letter templates you may use.   Print and send directly or better yet use them to draft your own words!

View this Sensational Video: Let's Save 517!

See the many sensational historic homes on Oconomowoc's isthmus that are successfully restored.  

Will we lose 517 forever?  

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